Thoroughly tested server equipment

All the elements of our server configurations have been attentively picked so as to set up a powerful web hosting platform that’ll be capable to answer your ever–increasing website hosting needs.

Most hosting suppliers offer Linux Dedicated Servers that feature the latest hardware products. Unfortunately, experience has shown that brand new hardware that hasn’t been thoroughly tested has far more glitches and bugs. Additionally, it offers limited software support.

Because we want your Linux dedicated servers to be dependable for as long as possible, we are dedicated to implementing the best hardware components, not the newest.

Complete SSH root access

Your dedicated server will be all yours, so we’ll give you full root access to the machine. With full root access, you will have full autonomy to change and tweak anything on your dedicated server. You will be able to set up new applications, to make configuration changes to the Apache server as well as to install a brand new OS.

And in case you require assistance working with your server, our support staff is eager to help. We’re available to you 24/7 and we offer a 1–hour helpdesk ticket response guarantee.

Online Control Panel, cPanel, DirectAdmin

Administering a website on a dedicated server is no longer a mission for pros only. During the signup process, we offer you a bunch of easy–to–use web hosting Control Panel tools, so that you can get total control over your sites. You can select between Vic Domains’s absolutely free Online Control Panel, the cPanel Control Panel ($30.00/a month) and the DirectAdmin Control Panel (free).

Each Control Panel has its strong sides. With the Online Control Panel, you’ll take advantage of the user–friendliness and all the no–cost bonuses that are normally associated with the standard Linux cloud service plans. With cPanel, you’ll get a familiar user interface for managing your site, as well as the WHM software. DirectAdmin includes various charge–free modules, which can rapidly transform your server into a mail server, a game server, etc.

Take into consideration the fact that the different hosting Control Panels support different versions of Linux. DirectAdmin and cPanel need CentOS to function, whereas our Online Control Panel needs Debian. You can select your Linux distro during the signup procedure.

Managed Servers

In the event that, at one point, managing your dedicated server begins to seem just too much for you, we have a perfect solution – the Managed Servers package.

With our Managed Servers package, you can have our system administrators keep a constant eye on your server. In addition, your dedicated server will be included in our avant–garde server surveillance system, thanks to which we will be informed if something goes wrong with your server.

Other than server monitoring tasks, Vic Domains’s Managed Servers package also includes OS updates and automatic backups.

24x7 client support

With each and every dedicated server, you’ll be offered access to our incredible 24x7 support team. We offer a sixty–minute tech support ticket response time guarantee, so all your questions will be responded to within sixty minutes. And our average client support ticket response time is less than twenty minutes!

That is possible thanks to our highly experienced technical support engineers. Each of them has at least a couple of years of experience in the web hosting industry. And they frequently participate in different courses to further improve their competence in many areas. Thus, they’re ready to reply to any question and to remedy any issue that you could possibly have with your dedicated server.